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Pregnancy As A Factor In Employment Discrimination

A recent discrimination case that’s making headlines in Little Rock serves to illustrate just how important it is to know your rights as an employee and what recourse is available to you in the event you experience discrimination in the workplace. A former employee of Triple T Foods in Springvale, Arkansas is suing the company […]

The Consequences Of Negligence

Negligence occurs when a person acts in an irresponsible manner or fails to take the proper care that circumstances demand. Negligent actions that result in harm to another individual may result in severe criminal and civil penalties, as is the case with Teagan Ross Martin, a 21-year-old man who struck several cyclists with his vehicle […]

When Discipline Turns To Violent Child Abuse

Every parent takes a unique approach to child discipline, but there are clearly defined legal boundaries that no parent should cross. The law provides certain limits for discipline that, when exceeded, can have serious legal consequences for parents. An Arkansas mother and father were recently brought up on charges of child abuse after a babysitter […]

A Contract Is A Contract, No Matter The Circumstances

Violating the terms of any contract can land you in serious legal trouble. Regardless of the circumstances, legally binding contracts are just that: legally binding. This fact lies at the center of one of the most interesting legal battles to make headlines in Little Rock. The story begins with John Lile, president of Cosmopolitan Life […]


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